Monday, September 12, 2016


We met friends at Titchfield Mill for lunch on Sunday. Then walked through the quaint old village and found a stream for Molly to swim in.  May well have been a canal?

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Back down Claydon

We turned round by the pub and headed down the Claydon locks after a day of rain.
Here we are waiting in the queue of two in front at the top lock.
It was slow going because both boats in front were single handed! But at least they were helpful with Ann sharing the work.  Many boats coming up as well.
No TV signal at the bottom so we got on line to see the end of the F1 racing and Bake off.

Getting 'on line' to watch TV is a new skill to learn.  I had to register and log on to Channel 4 to watch the F1 race.  My account with them even knows my home address!  The iPad refused to run the selected program because it lacked some essential facility.  I am collecting specific Apps on the iPad to get the various TV channels either live or 'catch up'.  OK on the Mac without Apps once I had logged back on to C4!  The screen is bigger anyway and my head hurts after all that!

I have a 'smart phone' now to get on line by making it a 'Personal Hotspot'. I have nearly abandoned the use of the 'Osprey' MyFi dongle because I only use it on the boat, not at home. Not worth the  monthly expense when we are not on board!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Company to Fenny

 We are pleased with the pram canopy made by A J Canopies Ltd from Braunston
 Our sister in law Ann came to stay on board and we headed up to Fenny.
The moorings filled up after we arrived on Friday.  Went off for a meal at the Wharf Inn.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fairport, Cropredy

Our friends Terry n Myra came to visit us on board and we all walked the canal and through the village. All still very busy and full of people. One food outlet was serving up Buffalo burgers and ice-cream from the farm at Napton. The two pubs were serving food from their gardens, no tables inside.

Narrowboats were mored 'nose to tail' for miles either side of the village. Broadmore lock had been under repair with the navigation closed for a morning. Not sure what CRT had achieved because we saw that the failed paddle had not been fixed! Consequently the queue of boats took a while to get through either way.

Radio Oxford broadcast the music from Cropredy during Saturday evening so we were able to get a flavour of the convention from the outside.

Meanwhile Great Britain were doing very well at the Rio Olympics having gained 10 gold, 13 silver and 7 bronze by Saturday. Apparently more expected later.

On Sunday we drove down to Banbury early to meet our friends once again. After a walk round Spiceball park we had a drink and parted company. On our way back the traffic was 'nose to tail' between Cropredy and Banbury leaving the show site. It is all quiet now as the village gets back to normal. Many boaters are also leaving and getting diesel from the marina.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fairport, Cropredy

We had a walk round to the shop. Just so much happening on the first day.
 The campsite is in the field on the other side of the river Cherwell
The shop is well stocked up for the event
Many of the villagers were providing food and drink during the day

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Never mind the depth, feel the width!

I have traveled down the Oxford canal from Cropredy to Banbury and back during July and August.  Due to many boats moored I was obliged to get too close to the offside vegetation as a moving boat came towards me.

Unfortunately a hard branch conspired to scratch the boats paintwork. There seems to be too much vegetation that desperately needs cutting back.  Not only causing damage to boat paint but blocking the view at corners and bridges.
What ever happened to the 'Veg Pledge' previously made by British Waterways and now presumably  the Navigation Charity 'Canal And River Trust'. 

Monday, August 01, 2016

Visitors at Banbury

 Rosie and Jim now have a place on board.
 Then John and Jean stopped for a chat.  And we admired each others 'new' boats!