Saturday, December 19, 2009

Power on

The new alternator is fitted and working but the next day we could not move because of the ice. Another change of plan is required. We were going to Rugeley for Molly’s boosters at the vet. Now it will be by taxi on Monday. Not allowed to move and break ice in the marina. Not allowed to run engines after 6 either! So we are back on mains for a while.
During a cold afternoon walk with Ann n Molly we spotted Matilda Rose. Jill n Graham kindly invited us on board and we all had a great chat about our adventures and plans over a cup of tea while it snowed outside. The ice on the canal is being broken up by moving boats but back in the marina it is still quite solid and may not melt for a while.

We wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and an enjoyable new cruising year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Power failure

I went to Stafford on the bus to fetch Ann back. She had spent many days down south with our grandchildren to see their school activities over the pre Christmas period.
After a walk together in the morning we uprooted the boat and moved, backing up and turning at the junction to head for the marina. Then the beep beep warning started indicating charge failure. Thank goodness we were not far away. Great Haywood Marine Services to the rescue! While diesel was filling our tank the alternator was being confirmed as being a failure. It is the third failure during the five years we have had the boat. I was told that an average of between 1 and 2 years is about right for an alternator being used every day charging five domestic batteries. If only we could tell when it is about to fail as it happens quite quickly without much warning.

We have a temporary mooring with a mains connection while we wait for a replacement alternator to arrive.

The situation with the waterways lack of care, maintenance and money cannot get much worse and may even get better if British Waterways are to change to a National Trust.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Looking after Molly

I have to look after Molly while Ann is away.
We go out for walks twice a day across that river Trent which is high fast and brown with stirred up silt.
That ancient Pack Horse bridge is so well built it has remained intact for hundreds of years. Just as well because it is the only foot bridge across the river to Shugborough Park. There is plenty of woodland to explore and sticks to throw for Molly to fetch back. So far I have not forgotten to feed Molly at breakfast and dinner. Did I?
Been filling my face ok and not all out of tins either. There are a few good food shops here to visit for fresh veg, bread n milk.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hot off the press!

Have you seen 'Narrowboat World' today? Ask yourselves what is a 'Mutual Trust'. Chances are that is what British Waterways is to become. If so are we members because we have a licence to navigate the waterways? Does Mutual mean it will be organised by its members? Look out for more news on Monday.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Drifting about

We are not moving very far these days, just a few miles towards Stone for a change of view. Five days later we were back in Great Haywood and found a space among the boats and got the bus to Stafford. The town was being decorated for the Christmas season and winter cheer.
Natural decoration
A few medical issues were sorted out like getting flu jabs at the local surgery. A new bottle of gas was purchased at the junction while we topped up with water. Then Tesco arrived with another load of food and goodies.
Tixel sheep n lambs already!
Then we set off to the Tixel wide moorings which proved to be a bit exposed with that cold wind. Soon moved to the marina for diesel and found another space among those boats at the junction.
Did not pick these !
A few days later we were off again, this time going on through Tixel lock and moored at Milford for a few days. Back at Great Haywood we plucked up courage and found a Dentist. Ouch ! Private treatment proves better value than the NHS. Seems that we have been badly let down by incompetence. We both had a thorough examination and look forward to more visits later !
Tree decoration found on a walk