Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Christmas

St. Nicholas was a fourth century bishop in Asia Minor and is buried, circa 346 AD, in his cathedral at Myra. He has become a patron saint to many categories of people over the years. He is honoured throughout the canals of Europe as the boat peoples special saint. In Britain he is known as Father Christmas while in America they refer to him as Santa Claus. In France he was called Papa Noel. The giving of presents results from the saint learning of a poor man who considered selling his three daughters. St. Nicholas visited the property anonymously and tossed a bag of gold through the window. It landed in a stocking hanging up to dry.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Crossing Boarders, a medical tour.

Where else can I start but at the beginning, the 4 th of December. A lump appeared distorting my face. It did not hurt much! (No sense no feeling?) I got an emergency appointment to see the doc the same day! I waited an hour and a half! The Doc said I had a bad tooth that should be extracted! She just gave me Antibiotics.

Next stop the Dentist. Not seen one since leaving the boat! Found one locally and just walked in. Within half an hour the offending tooth was out. Not NHS of course!

Just keep taking those Antibiotics that make your poo go soft but that lump just got bigger! Went back to the Doc who just looked at me and booked me a 'Fast Track' appointment at the hospital. That arrived a week later for the 19 th December.

I ran out of pills by Saturday. Had to ring 111 for advice. The only place open was in the next town so we went there and got more antibiotics that did not help.

I was in a loop of despair not knowing which way to go. Another option was an Emergency admission at the hospital. This bypasses all the medical routs so far taken. So I entered that other NHS door.

I joined the queue of other poor souls where some were smoking outside! After about an hour I was assessed for priority and taken in. A week earlier than that 'fast track' appointment!

A thorough examination followed by Xrays and a bed later that evening. I was to stay in three days. An operation took place early next morning to drain the abscess for that is what it was.

Once in the Hospital environment medical care is constant and effective. I was given two meals a day, monitored for medical conditions and given intravenous drips of antibiotics. The surgeon even came to see me several times. The drain under my chin was removed and I was discharged when they considered that I was better.

I went back to the Medical Centre and Dentist to tell them what had happened to me. Now the Dentist wants to see the Xrays taken at the Emergency department. The Medical Centre may not even get them! I certainly won't see them!

Now I must keep my mouth clean three times a day.