Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here n there

Do we go here?  Or over there?  We went there, but ended up here!

We planned a trip south by taxi and train.  To say good by to a friend and neighbour there.

We saw our empty bungalow there and saw what our tenants left behind!  Is there no respect!
We are back here and moved up there on the Anderton Lift.  Side by side with Seyella.
Thanks Geoff for this pic of us.

Back on the Trent n Mersey and on to there.  We are now here, near Middlewich.

Our Anniversary spent there on Seyella with Margaret and Geoff the chef.  Roast beef and yorkshire pudding followed by Jam roll polly with custard or cream.  Then we watched the F1 racing here in England.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anderton Lift

We followed Seyella down to the river Weaver. Geoff and another boat went first.
 In the lift at the top.
 On the way down.
 At the bottom.
 The 'Cathedral'.
Our mooring on the river Weaver.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ann's computer

Ann got her refurbished Del Latitude D620 from Portable Universe at Milton Keynes by going on the internet.  When it arrived she discovered that the keys did not display what was printed on them.

A complaint to the supplier was ignored.  Our credit card statement indicated that the payment went to Easy IT at Bracknell.  A complaint was sent to them suggesting a claim for the money back.

Soon after that was sent I got a call from 'Harry' at Remarketing IT.  (How many more companies are involved?)  'Harry' asked what was on the 2 key.  When I told him he said that it was an American keyboard!  We agreed to send the computer back.

It was boxed up and sent by Interlnk Express.  Two days later I got a call from 'Harry'.  The keyboard has been changed, the battery was faulty and replaced and some adjustments were made to the mouse pad operation.

Interlink Express returned the computer in good order.

Timing tunnels

We left our mooring at half past the hour with an hour to get to Saltersford tunnel. Only three miles and we got there on time to go through. 

Several boats had come through on their time slot so we went on in to the darkness. A one way 424 yard small hole in the hillside.

Our bimini had been put down to avoid contact with the rocks and brick. There were more bends in the tunnel than the one at Braunston and being only one way proved more difficult to navigate.

The next tunnel at Barnton was longer but at least you can see through it. That one is not timed so we sounded the horn on the way through.

Is this another breach about to happen here?

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The breach

It happened between Dutton and Anderton. The high bank fell away and the water escaped down the hill. The canal was closed for a while. 

The trees were lost so the gap provides a spectacular view.

A huge amount of rock replaced the sandy bank.

The towpath is just gravel and concrete but at least there are some rings to tie to.

The other side of the canal bank has also had a makeover.

We are enjoying another summer weekend now on the Trent n Mersey.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sunshine days

Seyella and M2L were moored at Dunham but facing in different directions! I had turned ready to fetch Ann from Sale.
 Geoff and I with both dogs went off to see the deer near Dunham Massey Hall. A wonderful chance to get close and almost personal with not so wild animals. 

Geoff and Margaret joined me for the trip. Ann got a Metro Tram from Piccadilly to Timperley. Then we travelled back. Ann was looking pretty with her short hair cut and summer clothes. Molly was as pleased as I to see her back on board.

Seems Ann has bought the sunshine with her, loads of post and extra technology.

We now have a WiFi dongle for our Panasonic FreeView Recorder. It promises to connect the TV direct to the Internet. Well it does work up to a point. It does not have a full browser but can link to a selection of websites. Looking at some movies from YouTube proved that our 3G connection is not fast enough.

Ann is trying to use her reconditioned Del Lattitude D620 laptop. It came with MS Windows XP but the software does not match well with the keyboard. What you see on the key is not what you get on the screen. In particular some of the Shift characters. It is enough to put off a reluctant user.

On a very sunny Monday friends sat outside Moore 2 Life.

There was John and Rosemarie from Devon Maid, Geoff and Margaret from Seyella.