Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here n there

Do we go here?  Or over there?  We went there, but ended up here!

We planned a trip south by taxi and train.  To say good by to a friend and neighbour there.

We saw our empty bungalow there and saw what our tenants left behind!  Is there no respect!
We are back here and moved up there on the Anderton Lift.  Side by side with Seyella.
Thanks Geoff for this pic of us.

Back on the Trent n Mersey and on to there.  We are now here, near Middlewich.

Our Anniversary spent there on Seyella with Margaret and Geoff the chef.  Roast beef and yorkshire pudding followed by Jam roll polly with custard or cream.  Then we watched the F1 racing here in England.

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Les Biggs said...

Swop hats with Chas.
See you both soon keep well.