Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sunshine days

Seyella and M2L were moored at Dunham but facing in different directions! I had turned ready to fetch Ann from Sale.
 Geoff and I with both dogs went off to see the deer near Dunham Massey Hall. A wonderful chance to get close and almost personal with not so wild animals. 

Geoff and Margaret joined me for the trip. Ann got a Metro Tram from Piccadilly to Timperley. Then we travelled back. Ann was looking pretty with her short hair cut and summer clothes. Molly was as pleased as I to see her back on board.

Seems Ann has bought the sunshine with her, loads of post and extra technology.

We now have a WiFi dongle for our Panasonic FreeView Recorder. It promises to connect the TV direct to the Internet. Well it does work up to a point. It does not have a full browser but can link to a selection of websites. Looking at some movies from YouTube proved that our 3G connection is not fast enough.

Ann is trying to use her reconditioned Del Lattitude D620 laptop. It came with MS Windows XP but the software does not match well with the keyboard. What you see on the key is not what you get on the screen. In particular some of the Shift characters. It is enough to put off a reluctant user.

On a very sunny Monday friends sat outside Moore 2 Life.

There was John and Rosemarie from Devon Maid, Geoff and Margaret from Seyella. 


Sven Latham said...

USA/International keyboards will write a @ when you press Shift + 2
UK keyboards should write a "

If your keyboard has " on the key above the 2, but on-screen it shows a @, Windows probably thinks you have a USA keyboard.

To change this permanently you will need to tell Windows XP you have a UK keyboard. It's not entirely trivial, but instructions below may help:

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks Sven, I have tried that. I changed Keyboard layout from US to United Kingdom Extended, reset the computer but no change.

By the way the @ is printed on the 2 key but to the side.
The @ gets on the screen using Shift and a key next to the Enter key marked with a '.