Sunday, March 23, 2014


Mum, Jeanne, Granny, passed away in the early hours of Wednesday 19 th March at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham a long way from family and friends. Despite that she had several visitors during her short time there.

Mum was the matriarch for her family of three boys. Family gatherings were always enjoyed at the family home. Her 90 th birthday was celebrated with family and friends at Chawton House where she and the Knight family once lived.

The spark of life is a wonderful thing, for Mum it has gone from wence it came.

Ten years earlier when visiting California.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Another space to watch

Lovely sunshine to get out and dig some more!
It was all covered in weed, ivy n brambles.  Next major job is to get that fence replaced!  The ornamental pear tree got trimmed back a few weeks ago.  The birds and squirrels love the nuts n seeds.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Watch this space

The sun has got his hat on and I have got my gardening boots on.  Just love bein outside landscapin.  This is wot I'm up against.  Just nothing much but dirt and a few shrubs. No colour.  It was just a mess with odd stuff I did not like so dug it all out to start again.

See wot I mean!

Roll on spring after I have been to the garden centre!  I will get some shrubs, some bulbs, some boarder plants and some roses.  I just love roses.  Super Star, a lovely red one was a favourite of mine many years ago.

My only problem is that I forget my age and need a day off after all that digging!  While travelling on the boat I did so enjoy seeing other peoples gardens.