Friday, March 07, 2014

Watch this space

The sun has got his hat on and I have got my gardening boots on.  Just love bein outside landscapin.  This is wot I'm up against.  Just nothing much but dirt and a few shrubs. No colour.  It was just a mess with odd stuff I did not like so dug it all out to start again.

See wot I mean!

Roll on spring after I have been to the garden centre!  I will get some shrubs, some bulbs, some boarder plants and some roses.  I just love roses.  Super Star, a lovely red one was a favourite of mine many years ago.

My only problem is that I forget my age and need a day off after all that digging!  While travelling on the boat I did so enjoy seeing other peoples gardens.

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NB Constance said...

Chas, I know how you feel. One day of very hard work needs a day off to recover. With me it is chopping winter firewood.
Still, it won't be long before you can go back and have a few days on M2L surely!
Regards, Colin