Sunday, June 26, 2016


We have a few more days on board so returned to the marina for diesel and use their washing machine! 
 Then moved out to stay at Cropredy for a few days.  Better for walks to the shop and going off with Molly.
 In the river Cherwell
Ann saw these Poppies on the Grand Union when seeing the launch of No Problem-XL

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are we IN or OUT

One good thing about all the political activity is that the general public have been stimulated!

If we leave or stay we will need to be more proactive.  Let our elected representatives know what we want.  Above all do not waste your vote.  It is your democratic right.

We are told it will be a close call and I will be a bit more surprised if the result is out.  It does depend on your personal view and how you are affected by the law.

The Government offer advice about many aspects of life but many can choose to ignore it.

This month we have had politicians and footballers on our TV screens and not much else!  Roll on the anticlimax of next month when a normal service may return!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things to do and done

When Ann returned to me we had a meal in the Wharf Inn. Well worth a visit for food and provisions from their small shop. As we do not have a washing machine on board we take note when we find one near the canal. The Wharf Inn has one.

All work done to Ann's satisfaction regarding the minor/major refit. Not much really but it means a lot to us. Roy Freeman at Fenny Compton did us proud. I had done most of the varnishing while Ann was away.

Next day we moved down to Cropredy marina taking all of two days to get there slowly. We took advantage of the washing machine and got all the laundry done at 40 degrees. Much cleaner than at 30 degrees. Topped up our large water tank and disposed of the 'unwanted'.

What ever has happened to this years summer so far? Just too much rain and some thunder with it. Sitting out on the back deck while the sun shines and keeping an eye on those large dark clouds coming our way. Then the wind cooled us down and we went inside to ride out the storm.

Next day it was dry n warm so we drove the car to Banbury. Yes, after those few months the car started OK. Off to get things from BnQ and book an MOT at Halfords.

By now we had had enough of the marina. So off we went towards Banbury by boat. Stopping short at Bourton Lock in sunshine.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A walk every day

Molly is still taking me for walks.  Today we got to see a Butterfly field, but did not see any flutter by!

Monday, June 06, 2016

A walk in the sunshine

At last those dull grey clouds have given way to the blue sky and the hot sun.  During my stay at Fenny Compton Molly takes me for a walk to the 'Tunnel'.
 Bridge 137A

What happened to the 'Veg Pledge' ?  The 'Tunnel' is quite restrictive even with it's roof off!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Canal problems

I find it a bit depressing to read in 'Narrowboat world' about too many waterway problems.  Several canals are closed, Aston, Macclesfield and Rochdale to name a few.  And now Peel Holdings are going to charge £40 to use the Bridgewater!

I was also concerned about the 'Braunston Stink' !  The elsan disposal facilities are often blocked there.

The use of our waterways require respect and support from boaters and CART. I find it incredible that CART have actually got to teach us boaters some manners!

Where there is a will there is a way.

Meanwhile I do so enjoy the way of life traveling the waterways again after a few years back on the bank.