Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are we IN or OUT

One good thing about all the political activity is that the general public have been stimulated!

If we leave or stay we will need to be more proactive.  Let our elected representatives know what we want.  Above all do not waste your vote.  It is your democratic right.

We are told it will be a close call and I will be a bit more surprised if the result is out.  It does depend on your personal view and how you are affected by the law.

The Government offer advice about many aspects of life but many can choose to ignore it.

This month we have had politicians and footballers on our TV screens and not much else!  Roll on the anticlimax of next month when a normal service may return!


Chas and Ann said...

So we are OUT of the EU, I wonder wot next.

Jim said...

We're not out yet - and there'll be a lot of talking to be done before we find out exactly how far "out" we end up. Of course, you could say that with not being in the Euro or the Border-Free Travel Zone (Schengen) as well as with our general attitude to the Union we were only even half in anyway.

And is it just me or do Boris and Gove look somewhat less pleased with the outcome than you might expect? Don't say that this all really about the Tory Party leadership all along!

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks for your comment Jim, It seems that many voters who voted out did not really expect that result! It was really too close to call. They certainly did not realise the consequences. Was it used as a tactical vote?