Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The Braunston Pickle are to play at the local pub. So we head back to Braunston. The pub is called 'Admiral Nelson'. Known locally as 'nelly'. We walked up past two locks on the Grand Union Canal and into the pub. There we were faced with a 'dressed up' interior. Signal flags all over the ceiling and the bar staff wearing eye patches and hats. A special brew was on offer called 'Eye Patch'. Ann had a rum & coke. The Braunston Pickle consisting of three players were setting up next to a table of locals dressed as wenches and crew. A tough looking gent complete with black beard, scars and scabbard was quite capable of repelling boarders.

We found a seat and table behind the fireplace wall and enjoyed the scene and atmosphere. The group started at about half eight. The pub was full of noisy people so later we moved round to hear the music. They were playing guitars, piano accordions and squeeze boxes without the aid of amplifiers. Many others joined in with penny whistles, tambourine and rattling spoons.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


We have settled in and around our 'home port' for a while. We need to return to the dentist next week and Ann can get a flu jab in November. So we drift off on the south Oxford canal and stop by Flecknoe Farm. There are still many boats coming and going. A few miles further on at Napton Junction a new marina has opened. 'Black Prince' hire boats are based there. Three other marinas within a mile of the junction already exist so that junction has become very busy at weekends in particular.

pic 1

Discovered that 'Hobo' was here. Bob and Jane with their friend Rose from Australia. She has been over here for several years touring the country with her dog 'Tara' in her own boat. Then along came Barbara who plays the Accordion with a group called 'Braunston Pickle'. While I was painting the lower part of the boat Barbara started playing folk music. Rose normally plays a violin in an orchestra but was able to join in as well.

pic 2

Sunday, October 09, 2005

MV Sulaskar

Our grateful thanks to Stewart and Carole Sampson for NABO. They are currently on tour and were spotted going through Braunston.  As most boat owners know they represent the interests of boaters on canals and rivers.  Their boat is also used as a research vessel for the 'First Mate Guides'.

MV Sulaskar

Maria Jessie

Passing through Braunston this time got these pictures.

Mari Jessie

Mari Jessie 2

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Passing Bloggers

NB Maria Jessie and NB Moore2Life passed each other and exchanged greetings near Willoughby, just north of Braunston.  "Read your blog" we called, "Oh look Moore 2  Life" they replied.  Tis nice to meet bloggers for real, not just in 'hyper space'.

Have just added our pictures of Working Boats to our web site www.moore2life.co.uk

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Two boats together

Well for a while we plan to travel together again, No Problem & Moore 2 Life. Sue and Vic want to get to Great Haywood and we have a dentist appointment back at Daventry. So at some point we will turn to return.

All set off after shopping up at Braunston, the butcher providing good meat, pies and veg. As usual. Eventually got to Hillmorton and enjoyed an excellent Sunday roast at the 'Lock Shop Bistro'. Sue and Vic had been looking forward to this treat for some time. Still many boats moving through the locks in October on a sunny Monday. Stopped at Brownsover near Rugby to shop at the 'out of town' centre and at Tesco before mooring for the night at Newbold.


Vic at Hillmorton

Continuing north we then stop at Hawkesbury Junction. Where the Oxford and Coventry canal meet. Sue and Ann plus two dogs have been enjoying long walks together, sometimes returning just before dark. The fire is lit in the evenings now to keep the autumn chill out.

The half way point was reached at Hartshill. Turning here should give us time to get back to Braunston without rushing. Hopefully getting through Nuneaton with less bother. On the way through we passed some floating chairs and a settee! The propeller picked up a shopping bag complete with zip which took time to clear through the weed hatch. Last time through there was an upside down car with the police wondering if the driver was under water as well!

Car in canal