Saturday, October 15, 2005


We have settled in and around our 'home port' for a while. We need to return to the dentist next week and Ann can get a flu jab in November. So we drift off on the south Oxford canal and stop by Flecknoe Farm. There are still many boats coming and going. A few miles further on at Napton Junction a new marina has opened. 'Black Prince' hire boats are based there. Three other marinas within a mile of the junction already exist so that junction has become very busy at weekends in particular.

pic 1

Discovered that 'Hobo' was here. Bob and Jane with their friend Rose from Australia. She has been over here for several years touring the country with her dog 'Tara' in her own boat. Then along came Barbara who plays the Accordion with a group called 'Braunston Pickle'. While I was painting the lower part of the boat Barbara started playing folk music. Rose normally plays a violin in an orchestra but was able to join in as well.

pic 2

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