Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Two boats together

Well for a while we plan to travel together again, No Problem & Moore 2 Life. Sue and Vic want to get to Great Haywood and we have a dentist appointment back at Daventry. So at some point we will turn to return.

All set off after shopping up at Braunston, the butcher providing good meat, pies and veg. As usual. Eventually got to Hillmorton and enjoyed an excellent Sunday roast at the 'Lock Shop Bistro'. Sue and Vic had been looking forward to this treat for some time. Still many boats moving through the locks in October on a sunny Monday. Stopped at Brownsover near Rugby to shop at the 'out of town' centre and at Tesco before mooring for the night at Newbold.


Vic at Hillmorton

Continuing north we then stop at Hawkesbury Junction. Where the Oxford and Coventry canal meet. Sue and Ann plus two dogs have been enjoying long walks together, sometimes returning just before dark. The fire is lit in the evenings now to keep the autumn chill out.

The half way point was reached at Hartshill. Turning here should give us time to get back to Braunston without rushing. Hopefully getting through Nuneaton with less bother. On the way through we passed some floating chairs and a settee! The propeller picked up a shopping bag complete with zip which took time to clear through the weed hatch. Last time through there was an upside down car with the police wondering if the driver was under water as well!

Car in canal

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