Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The Braunston Pickle are to play at the local pub. So we head back to Braunston. The pub is called 'Admiral Nelson'. Known locally as 'nelly'. We walked up past two locks on the Grand Union Canal and into the pub. There we were faced with a 'dressed up' interior. Signal flags all over the ceiling and the bar staff wearing eye patches and hats. A special brew was on offer called 'Eye Patch'. Ann had a rum & coke. The Braunston Pickle consisting of three players were setting up next to a table of locals dressed as wenches and crew. A tough looking gent complete with black beard, scars and scabbard was quite capable of repelling boarders.

We found a seat and table behind the fireplace wall and enjoyed the scene and atmosphere. The group started at about half eight. The pub was full of noisy people so later we moved round to hear the music. They were playing guitars, piano accordions and squeeze boxes without the aid of amplifiers. Many others joined in with penny whistles, tambourine and rattling spoons.

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