Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Friends and Bloggers

When we were down the south Oxford canal between bridge 102 and 103 NB At - Last stopped by. John & Militza have been known to us since we first left our boat in 'Springwood Haven' on the Coventry canal. They, a young couple semi retired, came to see inside our boat. We talked about our adventures during the year over a cup of tea. They enjoy cycling and walking a lot. Their pride and joy, the boat, is powered by a 'Gardner' diesel. A slow running engine reconditioned by Tony & Paul Redshaw.

We had moved to just north of Braunston and were chatting to Sue on the net. She told us that NB Liberty Belle was heading our way and had been in conversation with Angela on board. Angela does a Blog which we read occasionally. Next day Trevor and Angela arrived and stopped just to meet us on their way to Braunston to get a job done on the boat.

Liberty Belle

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