Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lights in the tunnel

We had seen the lights installed in Newbold tunnel some time ago and wondered why. The tunnel is so short it was hardly worth illuminating. Braunston tunnel could do with lights especially where it turns corners! We passed through in November when they were on and felt silly with our tunnel light on as well. Looked like we were passing through a rainbow with ribbons of multi coloured light. Public money can always be better spent. It was meant to attract visitors as the tow path goes through but the tunnel is well north of Rugby and there was nobody about.

Newbold Tunnel 1

Newbold Tunnel 2

Newbold Tunnel 3

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Sue said...

Annie, those pics you have taken are the best pics I have seen anywhere on the internet... even better than the pics on the BBC website, well done gal!!