Monday, November 28, 2005

Ice and snow

Christmas is fast approaching and we are busy making and sending cards to friends and family. Some pictures taken down south on the Grand Union at Cowley when it was cold and frosty were used. We stopped a few days with Sue n Vic on No Problem at Baskerville, four and a half miles in to the Ashby Canal. Then NB At Last stopped by and John & Militza joined us and Sue on Moore 2 Life for coffee. Several boats had passed breaking up the ice as they went. The facilities provided by British Waterways on this canal are few and far between. Rubbish disposal is going to be a problem. We have had to dispose of it in the towns litter bins. The large Marina has started charging for disposal of waste material of any kind. We moved on a few miles to Hinckley to collect our post and send off most of our cards. It had been a bright warm day till then. It started to snow lightly but as we continued past the marina the sky turned very grey and it snowed so hard that the roof got covered. We could not stop because there were so many boats moored outside the marina. Eventually stopped on a bend before bridge 19. Took a while to warm up inside drying off coats, gloves and hats. Hope to get pictures in the morning as it was too dull this afternoon when we stopped.

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