Sunday, November 06, 2005

Meeting with old friends

I mean that we have known Terry & Myra for a long time. They had sold their boat over a year ago and had just taken possession of a shorter boat. Met them on the way down the Braunston locks and celebrated in the Lord Nelson pub. Next day we all went early to Davetry intending to go on the bus. It passes at quarter to the hour but apparently not at quarter to nine. It had passed through at 8:30! Phoned for a taxi which arrived in 10 minutes but stopped just outside the town due to a puncture! We went off to join a queue at the medical centre for Ann's flu jab. Back out in 15 minutes all done. Got some veggies at the market and winter pansies before all returning on the 10:30 bus. Spent the next few days in each others boats and visiting Bob n Jane who we all knew.

NB Juno

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