Monday, January 28, 2013

An unusual day

The day before, an order was placed with Tesco.  We had just had breakfast when Mik came to say we could move down the arm for our refit to start.  But first we need to take on water, diesel and loose the unwanted.  A kettle of hot water melted the iced up water tap.

It was all go to get it all done and push ice away to get down the arm.  Tesco was due to deliver between 11 and 1.  Thankfully we had got to the mooring before the delivery arrived.  The van driver would not drive over the bridge and down the lane.  The goodies were all on his trolly and taken to the boat.

Then Mik arrived to do a service on our diesel fire.  It had been slightly unreliable since our episode with the diesel bug.  We had turned it off in the morning so the boat cooled down a bit helped by the cold wind!

Mik dismantled the control system and cleaned out the filter and float chamber.  It did have some gunge  inside!  With it all back together an attempt to light the fire failed because the feed pipe was blocked.  Once cleared we had the fire going in no time.

As the boat warmed up again a heavy snow storm was dropping another thick layer.

The refit has started.  Bath to come out and shower tray to replace it.  We did what we could by removing the door, bath side panels, towel rail and other fittings.  Mik cut the bath in half to get it out of the boat and started on the tiles.

They were thick floor tiles stuck on with black bostic and very hard to break off so it is work in progress.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melting Snowman

Melting away with a Jack D

Monday, January 21, 2013

A snow pic

Gnosall, by the old railway.  We have been lucky so far with no ice in the water - yet!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coping with winter

Just a few suggestions for us boaters to keep safe and the boat systems reliable.

Brush the snow off the gas locker and make sure it does not freeze.  The gas is sure to run out some time and you need to know that the hatch will open!  Take care, it will be slippery.

To help your cover zips working smear on some Vaseline, it makes the zip run free.

The snow and ice will melt where heat is escaping.  Use newspaper to fill those gaps round the doors.  But do not be tempted to block up the ventilators.

Run the engine twice a day to keep the batteries charged.  They are not so efficient when cold so they will not give as much power as they do in the summer.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A shopping trip

We have been lucky so far, no snow and no ice in the canal near Gnosall.  Josh and Ben back down south are unhappy not being able to build a snowman!

The bus took us to Stafford for a look round.  It is quite shocking to see so many big shops having closing down sales.  Even Millets owned by Blacks that sell outdoor clothing by Peter Storm.  The staff were only told the day before!
This was taken in March last year at Stafford.  

After a slow lunch in a pub we returned to the boat and turned the heat up!  Woke next day to find it had snowed a bit.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mind Space, a condition

The Beginning.

A few questions

What is outer space? Does it have an edge or boundary? Why do we think it should have an edge or boundary?  Is it infinite?

Some answers

Our minds are conditioned from conception to be contained. Our brain is contained in our head. Our body is contained in our mother's womb. When we are born we find ourselves contained in a room.

To be contained implies that there must be an edge or boundary. The walls of the room we first find ourselves in are that edge or boundary.

Our mind has been conditioned. From birth we explore different boundaries. A list of boundaries could be - Room, House, Garden, Town, County, Country, World, Outer space….

Outer Space. Is this different? What does it contain? It seems that the more we look, further and further into space the more we find. We imagine that it must have an edge or boundary, but does it? To infinity and beyond.

What could be out side outer space? Another Universe? The creator? Heaven.

We are also conditioned into thinking that there must be a beginning and an end. Did our Universe have a beginning? If it did it must have an end. But perhaps it does not. Perhaps it is infinite.

The End.

Normal service will resume some time soon now that I have got that off my chest!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moving up south

We set off up the other 11 locks at Aydlem during slightly damp weather. A further 5 locks at Adderley got us all the way to Market Drayton. After some shopping we continued up another 5 locks at Tyrley. That was enough for us so we spent the night at the top. 'By 4 o'clock it was getting dark anyway.'

We seemed to be the only one on the move, that is none seen going the other way. We were not aware of any in front or behind going the same way. While at Audlem and Market Drayton there were only a few boats at their moorings.

There was plenty of water coming down past the locks. The by weirs always pushing the boat sideways on approach to a lock. Some maintenance work had been carried out by C&RT in December. Some of the cement that filled gaps in the stonework had already fallen away! Most of the lock gear had been greased with a thin layer. The only paddle not yet fixed was one at Tyrley.

C&RT have also been taking rocks out of the canal and clearing some vegetation through Woodseaves and Grubstreet cuttings. But it is very wet, the towpaths mostly closed and many trees are leaning over. Saw much evidence of fresh landslips that have been stabalised.

Eventually our post arrived and we have got our Standard Licence this year. 'We've done with rivers, thank you.' Our resolution, if that is what it was, is to slow down, go north in the summer and south in the winter.

We have got to Norbury Junction and met up with our good friends Sue n Vic on No Problem. When we first decided to get a boat to live in we could not make up our minds about getting a bath or shower and ended up with both! Finally after ten or more years we have settled with having a shower cubicle.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year visit

George n Carol from Rock n Roll took us to Barton Turn to visit Margaret n Geoff on Seyella.
Thanks to Geoff for the food.  Great to see you all on the first day of the New Year.