Thursday, January 17, 2013

A shopping trip

We have been lucky so far, no snow and no ice in the canal near Gnosall.  Josh and Ben back down south are unhappy not being able to build a snowman!

The bus took us to Stafford for a look round.  It is quite shocking to see so many big shops having closing down sales.  Even Millets owned by Blacks that sell outdoor clothing by Peter Storm.  The staff were only told the day before!
This was taken in March last year at Stafford.  

After a slow lunch in a pub we returned to the boat and turned the heat up!  Woke next day to find it had snowed a bit.

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One Thing After Another said...

Hi chas and Anne, thanks for your comment. Not sure how to reply to it as such which is why I'm replying here. We are in the Macclesfield canal, near to the peak forest junction. Glad you are enjoying the blog and hope you're both well! Maybe we'll meet some day ;)