Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coping with winter

Just a few suggestions for us boaters to keep safe and the boat systems reliable.

Brush the snow off the gas locker and make sure it does not freeze.  The gas is sure to run out some time and you need to know that the hatch will open!  Take care, it will be slippery.

To help your cover zips working smear on some Vaseline, it makes the zip run free.

The snow and ice will melt where heat is escaping.  Use newspaper to fill those gaps round the doors.  But do not be tempted to block up the ventilators.

Run the engine twice a day to keep the batteries charged.  They are not so efficient when cold so they will not give as much power as they do in the summer.

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One Thing After Another said...

Great idea about the gas locker!