Monday, January 14, 2013

Mind Space, a condition

The Beginning.

A few questions

What is outer space? Does it have an edge or boundary? Why do we think it should have an edge or boundary?  Is it infinite?

Some answers

Our minds are conditioned from conception to be contained. Our brain is contained in our head. Our body is contained in our mother's womb. When we are born we find ourselves contained in a room.

To be contained implies that there must be an edge or boundary. The walls of the room we first find ourselves in are that edge or boundary.

Our mind has been conditioned. From birth we explore different boundaries. A list of boundaries could be - Room, House, Garden, Town, County, Country, World, Outer space….

Outer Space. Is this different? What does it contain? It seems that the more we look, further and further into space the more we find. We imagine that it must have an edge or boundary, but does it? To infinity and beyond.

What could be out side outer space? Another Universe? The creator? Heaven.

We are also conditioned into thinking that there must be a beginning and an end. Did our Universe have a beginning? If it did it must have an end. But perhaps it does not. Perhaps it is infinite.

The End.

Normal service will resume some time soon now that I have got that off my chest!!


Graham Moore said...

Often browse through your Blog and spotted your excellent post.
Interestingly it has never bothered me that things don't have boundaries. Ever since encountering Einstein's various theories whilst at Uni (Essex) and now a proponent of both String and Multiverse theories, nothing surprises me any more. Whether things have a beginning, an end, or even a reality seems questionable these days. If you like a good read, I would suggest the marvellous book "How to teach Quantum Physics to your Dog" by Chad Orzel. Both amusing and thought provoking.
Love to meet up for a pint or six and put the Universe to rights!

nb Winnie Bea, Little Ouse

One Thing After Another said...

Great blog guys. Something I try not to think about too much as I end up confusing myself thinking about it!? How can there be nothing but just more and more space?! I suppose the human mind just cannot accept that there is nothing else aft 'space'?!

Take care ap- your blog has been on my favourites list for quite a while!

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks you guys. I got in a bit too deep into space there.

Geoff and Mags said...

Eh up Chas, what you been drinking???!!!

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Theorists say the universe is continually expanding, which is why I always tell my grandchildren, "I love you to the end of the Universe--and back again!"
Stay warm and dry you two!
Jaq and Les x