Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moving up south

We set off up the other 11 locks at Aydlem during slightly damp weather. A further 5 locks at Adderley got us all the way to Market Drayton. After some shopping we continued up another 5 locks at Tyrley. That was enough for us so we spent the night at the top. 'By 4 o'clock it was getting dark anyway.'

We seemed to be the only one on the move, that is none seen going the other way. We were not aware of any in front or behind going the same way. While at Audlem and Market Drayton there were only a few boats at their moorings.

There was plenty of water coming down past the locks. The by weirs always pushing the boat sideways on approach to a lock. Some maintenance work had been carried out by C&RT in December. Some of the cement that filled gaps in the stonework had already fallen away! Most of the lock gear had been greased with a thin layer. The only paddle not yet fixed was one at Tyrley.

C&RT have also been taking rocks out of the canal and clearing some vegetation through Woodseaves and Grubstreet cuttings. But it is very wet, the towpaths mostly closed and many trees are leaning over. Saw much evidence of fresh landslips that have been stabalised.

Eventually our post arrived and we have got our Standard Licence this year. 'We've done with rivers, thank you.' Our resolution, if that is what it was, is to slow down, go north in the summer and south in the winter.

We have got to Norbury Junction and met up with our good friends Sue n Vic on No Problem. When we first decided to get a boat to live in we could not make up our minds about getting a bath or shower and ended up with both! Finally after ten or more years we have settled with having a shower cubicle.

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Alf said...

On these locks, to avoid being pushed by the bywash once the gates are open, open the top paddles, you are not wasting water just redirecting it, there is allways a lot of water going down these locks.