Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another boater arrives

George on Rock n Roll phoned to say that Seyella was on the way up from Penkridge. So George, Carol and I with the two Mollies walked down the canal to help. We had gone over a mile before we saw the boat below Otherton lock. Margaret was the skipper and Geof was busy with the paddles. But then Geof took on the skipper roll to bring the boat into the lock. The rest of us performed the locking process. Once the boat got to the top I grabbed a lift for the mile to the next lock. Then helped a bit with the locking. Luckily the warm sunshine made for a pleasant trip.

Another test using Safari on MAC

This is another test, this time using Safari on the MAC. Previously I have been using Firefox on the MAC and on our old PC. When in Windows on the MAC I used Internet Explorer.

Thanks to all of you offering help. Lets hope that a normal service can resume soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is a test posting

Well this is an interesting problem. I can now agree with all you PC Window users! I now have a MAC which I am sure you have guessed by now. My last few posting appeared to me to be OK at my end when checking the blog on the MAC.

But you guys out there on PC's started complaining and I thank you for doing so. I forced myself to partition the MAC so I can boot up in Windows. Mainly to keep Memory Map which does not work in the MAC. Unfortunately the Mio Pocket PC does not communicate when connected!

Back to this story that I am writing while in Windows. Now the acid test is if you and I can see the full glory of the blog page after I publish it what goes wrong when I publish in the MAC?

Comments please.

Monday, November 28, 2011


We watched the F1 racing on Sunday, a lively broadcast from Brazil. A wonder of communication taken for granted these days. Beamed up to and down from satellites in space. Who said that was a waste of money? Vetel of course was the champion this year. The cars have travelled far and wide at high speed all year and some have fallen by the wayside. Wheels have come off, tyres have punctured, gearboxes have failed, but it has all happened with a high degree of safety.
Next year a new set of cars will be produced to continue the excitement. The spectacle will be watched half live on the BBC. Sky TV muscled in to show the other half live for a price. But then that will not be the only sport to watch. It will be Olympic year for us to show the world. The Olympic torch will be carried around Britain and will pass by that Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Dudley and Foxton which all feature the waterways.
Mean while back to the present, we wait the arrival of Seyella with Geof, Margaret and Meg on board. Last year at this time in November we were all stuck in the ice. We have been up and down the lock to get water, dispose of the unwanted and load up with a delivery from Tesco.

Here is our picture of those leaves. (Getting familiar with the new technology).
I am sorry for those who seem to be having problems getting this blog.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Another change

Publishing this blog, updating our website, emails, music, maps……… All this is achieved using a computer machine and a mobile Internet connection. Things we do and use every day. A miracle of maths and science that we almost take for granted these days.
We have been travelling with George & Carol on Rock n Roll. When invited on board for tea n biscuits it is like being transported into the future of communication and information technology. All these wonders are available now in this 21st century. It seems that even two years is a long time holding on to technical equipment.
It was many years ago that we met up with Sue n Vic on a boat called No Problem. We were encouraged to get on to the Internet but it proved to be a struggle at that time. Determination and persistence was required. Mobile Internet was new and slow.
Our new MIFI dongle is so much better. And so is changing from a Personal Computer to a Multi Access Computer! It is taking some time to get used to the new ‘Lion’ operating system, which is why the blog is late. I-tunes is the one familiar application that plays all our music. I-photo is new to us and has yet to be mastered so apologies for the lack of pictures. The transfer of all our folders and files from the external hard drive was easy. Switching on the MIFI and the MAC simply got us on line and we were reading all our friends blogs, including Sue’s one from an ocean liner. Now ‘aint that amazing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All changed

We missed the bus because it passed through Great Haywood at 10 minutes to the hour not 5 past as before. We got the 10 to 11. When returning from Stafford do not miss the 20 past 2 because the next is at 4 pm! We had to rush about the shops to get things done.
The farm shop has a smart new building and is expanding with a good selection of vegetables, homemade produce and a butcher. The marina has a new owner and is full up so no room there if we needed it. Last year we had booked in for Christmas but could not get there due to the ice.
The other major change on the horizon is of course BW to CRT. The Canal and River Trust will take over in April next year. It will affect us all who have boats on the waterways. Perhaps now is the time to make suggestions through NABO, RBOA, and other boating organisations like all those canal societies. Hopefully we will be able to communicate more directly with people who know a bit about the waterway system. After all if we are to pay a bit more for our wonderful life on the waterways we should at least have some effective input.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cannock Chase

We stopped a while at Rugeley. The town seems to have recovered from the shock of loosing Woolworths. While some shops closed down many more have opened. We found the bus station and were lucky to jump on one that was about to leave! It took us on a pleasant journey through Cannock Chase to Stafford. We got off at the train station and got our pre booked tickets to get down south after Christmas.
Our access to the web has been through a ‘Web n Walk’ dongle connected using a USB lead and has served us well. But now the new Multi Access Computer does not like it. George on Rock n Roll suggested getting a MIFI device which works much faster.

Passing through Cannock Chase
Now we have moved on to Great Haywood. Got some diesel, water, disposed of the rubbish and cassette contents. Then moved back to an available space for the weekend.

Friday, November 04, 2011

We got past the locks

The canal crosses over the river Tame after going down a few locks having passed by Tamworth with their pretty gardens. We approached a low road bridge, the A5 Roman road called Watling Street. "Quick, lower the Biminie." You may wonder why they build some bridges lower than others. We had to crouch down to avoid hitting our heads! We topped up with water at Fazeley and stopped at Sutton where Rock n Roll caught up.
We all went to the large new shopping complex nearby. More room for cars than shops, almost. This is why the old town centres are closing down. We do not have a car so find these places within walking distance of the canal.

We were on our way next day with new goodies and got to the northern end of the Coventry canal. Let's just say that those new goodies present a technological and cultural challenge that George is helping me with. That evening we went to the 'Swan' for dinner. Local boaters know it as the 'mucky duck'.
The locks at Fradley are to close on Monday so we have to turn left at the junction on to the Trent and Mersey.

While doing that I just had to get this for my collection.

There are only three locks to get up but each has its own problems. The first was OK this time because there was room to wait for a boat to come down. The second has a gate that is reluctant to open without help and the third has a gate that opens as soon as it is closed! The moorings at the top were too short for both boats so we continued on the extra mile to Kings Bromley. It was sunny when we moved but after tea on Rock n Roll it rained as forecast. Ann and Carol went for a walk between the showers.