Friday, November 04, 2011

We got past the locks

The canal crosses over the river Tame after going down a few locks having passed by Tamworth with their pretty gardens. We approached a low road bridge, the A5 Roman road called Watling Street. "Quick, lower the Biminie." You may wonder why they build some bridges lower than others. We had to crouch down to avoid hitting our heads! We topped up with water at Fazeley and stopped at Sutton where Rock n Roll caught up.
We all went to the large new shopping complex nearby. More room for cars than shops, almost. This is why the old town centres are closing down. We do not have a car so find these places within walking distance of the canal.

We were on our way next day with new goodies and got to the northern end of the Coventry canal. Let's just say that those new goodies present a technological and cultural challenge that George is helping me with. That evening we went to the 'Swan' for dinner. Local boaters know it as the 'mucky duck'.
The locks at Fradley are to close on Monday so we have to turn left at the junction on to the Trent and Mersey.

While doing that I just had to get this for my collection.

There are only three locks to get up but each has its own problems. The first was OK this time because there was room to wait for a boat to come down. The second has a gate that is reluctant to open without help and the third has a gate that opens as soon as it is closed! The moorings at the top were too short for both boats so we continued on the extra mile to Kings Bromley. It was sunny when we moved but after tea on Rock n Roll it rained as forecast. Ann and Carol went for a walk between the showers.

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