Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving on a mission

New galley cupboard doors are now fitted and varnishing in progress. The priority now is to get past Fazeley before the locks close in November.

This bridge at Ansty no longer provides access to the other side.

While this one enables the cows to go for milking.
We arrived at Hawkesbury in sunshine, stuck the pins in and put the washing out to dry before it rained. Milly M had got here first and Maffi was on his way back after filling more black bags clearing another site of rubbish.

We have been lucky to travel all the way to Atherstone in sunshine before the rain came. We stayed a day to finish the varnishing, do some shopping and get a flu jab. We had to pay for it at Lloyds Pharmacy because the Medical Centre only provides it for the locals.
George and Carol led the way down the locks the next day. George was kind enough to lift a paddle when required to refill the lock for us. There were many boats coming up which also helped progress during another sunny day. The water level is a bit low at the bottom heading for Polesworth so we stopped short of the town.

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Free Spirit said...

We passed you today while you were moored at Sutton Bridge. Sorry we could'nt stop for a natter. Maybe next time we meet we can do more then just wave at each other. Happy cruising,
Irene and Ian
NB Freespirit.