Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More changes

The secret is out! British Waterways is not to be a Charity as such but a Trust. So not a Waterway Charity (WC) but Canal and River Trust. The problem is that there is not much trust in those 'men in suits' at the top level of so called management. A serious change in attitude must happen if the canals and rivers are to retain their navigations. It is no good blaming the problems on the lack of rain.
We have a week before things get done in the boat in Braunston so we have moved to Calcutt. The reservoir here looks quite full. A new farmer has been busy cutting down trees and bushes and ploughing his fields. The canal is now a bit more exposed so some moorings are less cosy.

BW have been doing their bit beefing up the towpath edge. Plenty of space there to dump some dredged mud out of the canal! If only they could do the same on the other side then the dredged material could be put back where it came from.

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