Monday, October 24, 2011

Boating friends

We moved on passed those twin locks at Hillmorton and stopped at Clifton. Not much water saved by BW closing one of the twin locks. The amount of water used just depends on how many boats pass through. Water would only be lost if a lock is filled or emptied without a boat in it. On the way we stopped for tea alongside Valerie. Good to see Les and Jaq enjoying their time together this side of the pond.
We took the bus into Rugby from Clifton which is now the No. 10 from Daventry. There seems to have been many changes to the bus routes this year. We were back on board when Rock n Roll passed by and later Milly M did the same. "Sorry Maffi, I had my head in the computer sorting out my huge collection of historic boat pictures." It is work in progress towards a major update on our web site at www.moore
We moved up to Brownsover when Rock n Roll moved off and left a space for us near Milly M. A chat with Maffie resulted in some volunteer activity. There was so much rubbish floating about and dumped in the hedge row that Maffi filled no less than four black bags with it. It was all on the other side of the canal so Ann threw a rope across and pulled them back. Then I put them all in the skip at the entrance to the carpark.
Milly M moving north

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Bella said...

What a beautiful photograph with the willow hanging over like that.