Saturday, October 01, 2011

I am 'home alone'

Ann is down south staying with grand children and visiting friends and family. She plans to get back on Sunday with our friends Terry n Myra who took her home by car. I have Molly to look after and take me for walks twice a day! While it has been so hot I am thankful for the tree shade.
I occupy my time between GCSE Chemistry and sorting my historical boat pictures. (must stop taking them) Chemistry is a subject I never knew about when at school so I find it hard to absorb. It is answering the questions I had but it seems to generate more questions! Many of those boat pictures are to be found in our web site already but a major update is 'work in progress'. I just find it so interesting finding out about their history and the hard working families who drove them all over the waterways. The lorries of their day in the 1930's. Back in the 1700's the boats were pulled by mules or horses. Pure manual labour required to load and unload the cargo. Many of the boats have changed hands since they were built for the old canal carrying companies.

Here is one seen at Braunston
Have you seen that Petition on Narrowboatworld? It is a protest against BW Directors paying themselves bonuses for doing nothing and losing money. Please think about signing it like I did.

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