Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Life in a marina

Richard is doing a marvellous job for us. The Dinette is coming together as planned. The quality of workmanship cannot be faulted. I have done my bit by applying the varnish. Although we have been in for two weeks so far we knew that Richard could not spend every day on our project alone.

While living on board in the marina we had an alternative source of power. Normally we rely on the engine for electricity and hot water, but here we have a land line. That is mains electric. The power point has a meter which enabled me to keep a record of power used. So far it works out at about 2 KWh a day. We were able to use the washing machine several times and heat the water using our immersion heater. Diesel is still being burnt to keep our fire going for space heating.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

A new dinette

We have moved into the marina to have a dinette built. Spent many hours thinking about the design and making drawings. The design had to consider how to make the dinette with table be converted to a double bed and incorporate a book case! It had to be able to store many items out of sight.

My first job was to remove the existing table and bench seat that I built two years ago. It's conversion to a bed was never very successful. Hopefully the new design will be easier. But there is nothing quite like seeing the reality as the building progressed.


Changes are being made and our normal routine has been disrupted. We miss our friends who are almost out of reach on the other side of the canal. They have started to operate a ferry service as and when required. We also miss the freedom of just walking along the towpath and watching the wild birds eating from our feeders hung on the hedge row. On the plus side we do have access to mains electricity so do not have to run the engine. Our boat is surrounded by other boats so the view from the windows is just another boat!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sue is sorry

Sue has asked me to say that her computer has been sent away for repair.  She is therefore unable to do any blogs or respond to comments until further notice.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A closed canal

The Kennet & Avon is still closed near Reading and will be 'until further notice'. Several boaters have been considering having their boats craned out and transported to another canal. We moved down to Devizes through slushy ice and a snow storm to collect a Tesco order and get water. There on the wharf was a boat on a lorry and the crane just leaving. "Heading for the midlands" they said. The closure caused by a broken weir on private land. Could have happened at any time so we are thankful it occurred after we had got off the Thames which has been 'in flood' ever since.

Family visit

Chris, Tracy and the boys, Josh & Ben arrived for a week end stay. We moved the boat back over to the marina to pick them up in the dark! Once back at our mooring there was just time for a meal before we bathed the boys and put them to bed. Next day we all travelled down to Devizes and back. No room to park for a look round so returned. But it is always better to move the boat while they are aboard. Spent the afternoon watching a DVD about 'Cars'. Then after a meal we returned them to their car.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Winter Months

Not really much to report. It is the Winter months. We are not moving about exploring or discovering. Just keeping going, ticking over, on the Kennet and Avon canal near Devizes. Been expecting it, ICE on the cut after several days of frost in the morning. The surface all flat and hard. The sun is out so it won't last long. Got more diesel at 60 pence a litre and a gas bottle for £20 before the ice arrived. We are moored on the opposite bank and just have to back up about 100 yards to the pump and water supply.

Ice on K n A

Thankfully they had enough for us to fill our tank. Seems that most of their 'pink' diesel is being used to heat their office and workshops. When the government get round to changing the law we won't be allowed to use it on our boat. We keep asking what their plans are but until the authorities get in touch they have none. Did notice two second hand pumps behind the fence though.

Busy reading Wogan's 'Mustn't Grumble'. Worth a read if you want to know his truth about 'Eurovision Songs', 'Children In Need' and other things he is involved in. A good laugh in places. Some of those 'Janet & John' stories are printed within. Helping our friends re fitting the new No Problem. A lot of creative thought going in to the design and layout. Have been writing about my working life and technology experiences. Watch that space on the web site. Have you read Chapter 11 - 'East Anglia' ?