Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Winter Months

Not really much to report. It is the Winter months. We are not moving about exploring or discovering. Just keeping going, ticking over, on the Kennet and Avon canal near Devizes. Been expecting it, ICE on the cut after several days of frost in the morning. The surface all flat and hard. The sun is out so it won't last long. Got more diesel at 60 pence a litre and a gas bottle for £20 before the ice arrived. We are moored on the opposite bank and just have to back up about 100 yards to the pump and water supply.

Ice on K n A

Thankfully they had enough for us to fill our tank. Seems that most of their 'pink' diesel is being used to heat their office and workshops. When the government get round to changing the law we won't be allowed to use it on our boat. We keep asking what their plans are but until the authorities get in touch they have none. Did notice two second hand pumps behind the fence though.

Busy reading Wogan's 'Mustn't Grumble'. Worth a read if you want to know his truth about 'Eurovision Songs', 'Children In Need' and other things he is involved in. A good laugh in places. Some of those 'Janet & John' stories are printed within. Helping our friends re fitting the new No Problem. A lot of creative thought going in to the design and layout. Have been writing about my working life and technology experiences. Watch that space on the web site. Have you read Chapter 11 - 'East Anglia' ?


les said...
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les said...

Hi Chas
Cor that diesel and gas was expensive. Just filled in last week at 49p and gas at Uxbridge a month ago was £16 45.
Hope Ann and yourself are well and that we all get to meet up again sometime.
Be safe.