Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tree trim

We have a Silver Birch in our front garden that needed a 'hair cut'.  The top was cut short last year but not done well by the opportunist who called.  This time we got a professional.  You must cut the branch off just above a growth point so that the tree can heal itself. 
 Almost every branch got trimmed correctly this time.
Rather him than me.  After the trim all the branches were cleared away.  Trees are well worth looking after because they are so good for the environment.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

February visit

We got to the boat on Wednesday at lunch time. Bringing with us a list of jobs to do! Tools, pictures, screws, a small table and fresh bedding.

The batteries were showing 13 Volts having been left with the solar panel connected while we were away. We put water in the tank this time, only fifteen minutes worth but that lasted 7 days. Much better to have water on tap than using the bottles. It did not take long to pump it all out when we left. On with the gas for a cup of tea. Then a snack before tackling that list!

The temperature had gone down to minus three while we were away and was now 16c. So we plugged in the land line to put on the fan heater. The diesel radiators gave us a boost in the evenings.

Our front door desperately needed some draft excluder fitted. So strips of wood with rubber sealant was screwed to the frame, much more effective than stuffing paper in the gaps!

During the next two days we took the window panes out to clean the glass both sides and wipe out the metal frames. They were so grubby that some vegetation was growing there! It was a good job it had been sunny and warm.

The doors at the back are made of mahogany and were difficult to open and close. Much of the varnish had pealed off at the bottom so I scraped most of it off. Then trimmed the bottom edge to free up the stiffness. Teak oil was then applied to protect the wood. In time I intend to replace all the varnish and apply the teak oil.

Our friend Colin was in the neighbourhood and paid us a visit one afternoon. After the work done so far we could do with some time off! Thanks for the cookies, Colin.
 A few days later he moved his boat 'Constance' down to Cropredy. We were then able to visit him by walking the fifteen minutes from the marina. On the way we noticed that the Red Lion pub was closed 'until further notice'. It was good to chat with a friend from my employed days.

We continued making progress by putting up some pictures and coat hooks. Things are gradually finding their place on board. The smaller table is proving its worth so the table and chair set that came with the boat has been offered to charity. Our own larger TV was hung on a bracket but we were disappointed when it failed to find a signal. The little TV that came with the boat only just works with a poor picture and will have to do for now. Must be a poor signal area here half way between Oxford and the midlands.

We got away to Braunston to get some fenders and food. An enjoyable trip in the early spring sunshine. On our return we sat out on the back deck to enjoy tea n cake.