Saturday, November 24, 2012

Going slow

When we stop we stay a few nights. The problem then is that our 'unwanted' accumulates. How far do we have to go to get rid of it? The first facility was at the top of the Hurleston locks. The next is at Grindley Brooke 12 miles and 16 locks away.

The Tesco delivery came at Burland where there was a car park owned by C&RT. "You can imagine how much packaging needs to be got rid of now!" It took some time to put the food away so it was next day that we got the diesel tank topped up at Swanley Marina. It is worth a stop there if only to see their extensive library of books and DVD's to swop or buy. Our next stop was at the bottom of Baddisley. After another couple of nights we climbed up through the locks to Wrenbury.

A few days later, after the windy wet day, we pushed on up four more locks to stop for the weekend at the bottom of Grindley Brook. The only difficulty was that automatic lift bridge at Wrenbury. "It is very temperamental!" It is surprising how much traffic cross the canal there. Even large heavy lorries!

We won't miss moving about next winter when we plan to stay in a marina. But we will miss our travelling companions. Moving the boat in the winter months has been an acceptable challenge but now it is getting to be a chore for us. Unfortunately the lack of sunshine, wind, rain and those grey days are depressing. "To say nothing of the snow n ice which may come later".  It matters not where we are so long as we are in our boat on a canal!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ellesmere Canal?

We have climbed up through those four locks at Hurleston. All the locks were full of fallen leaves making the lock look like it was full of ministroni soup. The leaves are being transported on what is effectively a slow running river all the way from the Dee 45 miles away. The 'Llangollen' heads southwest to Ellesmere in Shropshire so it is not yet a Welsh canal.
A quiet weekend now spent at Burland where this corner shop serves the locals.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Solar panel data

I have added a page to our website at that gives details of Solar panel performance.  You can find the page in Boat Systems.  The link should take you to the page.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Water & lock problems

After that day of rest we moved down Wardle lock to get water.
The tap did not have the normal screw on connection so we were lent an adaptor to push on. Several boats came down for water and returned back up the lock that morning. When we got up the pound was very shallow, muddy and covered in fallen leaves.

We got as far as the visitor moorings at Aqueduct Marina. Minshull lock is still waiting for a new top gate and is only open between 8 and 4 if the lock keeper turns up. We were told that replacing the gate should take about a week or so some time before the end of the month!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Go East to Middlewich

Ann has a slight chest infection that is causing her to cough. We had got as far as Venetian Marina before resting over the weekend. While back home the Doctor had carried out some tests. Later the medical center informed her that a prescription was waiting to be collected! Managed to get it sent to Middlewich with help from Tracy.

Just under 4 hours got us across country but with a slight delay at Minshull Lock which had been closed! A lock keeper arrived late to let several boats up and down. "A new top gate is being made but a stoppage is not yet posted".

Our post had arrived so we were able to collect it and do some shopping. Days of rest are called for while Ann recovers between moving days.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the move

Ann went off to see the grandchildren so that I could look after Molly and myself. When she came back we went shopping to restock and next day set off on our travels to head for Middlewich.

Nantwich Canal Center now has a mooring on the main line so you do not need to go down the arm for diesel or gas. They sell 'Non Bio' diesel and you can self declare what you intend to use for moving. "Must have been quite low because 150 litres went in without overflowing!" I put in some Marine 16 to keep the bug away. They told me I could use Fuel Set as well so resolved to alternate between the two.

The Canal Center has a very good chandlery and when I told them about my diesel bug problems they showed me 'The Fuel Purifier'. It stops water and the bug getting through and is more substantial than the standard water trap. See for more info.