Tuesday, June 30, 2015


We have been together for 49 years together!
 The cornflowers grown from seed are one of Ann's favorites.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Is it a krazy world?

Have you tried to get the itv player on your 'smart' tv?  My browser on the tv needs Flash Player to use the itv player but cannot down load it!  The BBC iPlayer works fine.  I have both itv and BBC player apps on the iPad and they work fine using WiFi.  Those WiFi TV dongles don't have itv player either.

Now we cannot afford to upgrade the rail network!  What price the alternative?  There were many protests about HS2 but now it may not happen.   New rolling stock is arriving but cannot be used.  The rail network needs the upgrade to electric.  Get rid of those dirty diesel engines.  But then we need more power stations!

I needed to make a phone call in order to register my Master Card with a supplier.  They won't answer the phone but "Your call is important to us".  Cannot do it on line.  Perhaps they could ring me and I will play music in their ear for a few minutes more!

Some foreign manufacturers are having a laugh at our expense!  They do not make things to the so called CE mark specifications.  Is it our fault for buying cheap and nasty products?

The population in the UK has grown to 65 million.   I wonder if that includes people living in boats!  Where are they going to live if we do not build more houses and towns?  Do we have enough space, power and water?

A fool and his money are soon parted.  There are rouges who will take it and give nothing back.  Don't part with your money on just a promise!

That's it folks, rant over!  Now I sit in the garden sipping tea and try to forget that Krazy World!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Visit to Crick

We used our wheels this time and TomTom to navigate us across the midlands to Crick. At one time we were told to go down a dead end road!  We saw sense and turned north.  Eventually Tommy got the message and found another way.
Our friends have a boat called Mimulus near the marina.  Dave and Lyn have a pleasant garden plot next to their boat.  We all went to the Red Lion for lunch and enjoyed a catchup chat.  In the past Dave did a lot of work refitting our boat but now is retired and concentrates on his own boat.

On our return to Moore 2 Life the heavens opened forcing us to slow down as the rain was so heavy.  Once again we have enjoyed a short spell on the boat and managed to meet our boating friends.  Now it is time to get home to meet up with family.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

We stay, they go

After a walk in the park with the girls we all move on through Banbury.  While we stay to shop our friends Sue n Vic move on down the Oxford canal.

To Banbury

We set off before 9 trying to follow No Problem but other boaters had the same idea in front of us.  All in a queue at the lock and water point.  It took a long while to get our water and loo full and empty before we could finally move on.

There were of course several boats going the same way heading for Banbury.  We helped the boat in front to get through the locks because it was to our advantage.  Some times a boater from behind would shut the gate as we left the lock.
An old mooring post.  At least it is in the right place outside the lock.  Unlike those new ones that sprouted alongside these narrow locks.

Sue and Vic got to town first and saved us a place by the park.  Then we had Sue's home made soup and Ann's hot bread rolls.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

June visit

We were all packed and away by nine on Saturday for two hours on the road to Cropredy.   A couple of trollies full of our transfer kit was then delivered to Moore 2 Life.  Water, gas and electric all turned on to bring our sleeping boat to life.  The batteries were fully charged from the sola panels.

It was just as well that we were ready to go because Sue n Vic on No Problem were arriving at Cropredy.  No time to top up with water before we moved out of the marina.  There was NP but no sign of her owners or their dogs.  At the pub soaking up a pint I suspect.  We settled for a sandwich snack for lunch before those two large black dogs arrived with S n V following.  Into NP for tea n chat.
Next morning was cool as we woke to bird song and church bells.  On with the radiators to kill the chill.
How good it is to soak up the morning on a walk to the Bridge Store.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

A change of plan

We were to move the boat to Heyford Fields Marina to be painted. When I contacted the painter he still could not give me a definite date despite his promise of a slot in June made back in January.  I have now cancelled my agreement with him.

As it happens the man who did our blacking at Cropredy Marina does topsides.  So I wait for a quote from him.  At least he does not require a deposit.

Meanwhile I continue to recover from my spell in hospital.  Done some gardening and go for a walk.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hospital treatment

I got a tummy ache that was persistent. Went to the medical centre and saw a doctor, just walked in and saw him. He examined me and sent me direct to hospital with a letter. It was that quick. A bed was being made available so don't knock the NHS,  I was lucky it worked for me.

Quite by chance it was the same ward I had been in before Christmas. It did not take long to be examined, get a CT scan and start treatment. The problem was already healing and I was put on an antibiotic drip to clear up any infection.

During the following days a routine formed. Medication was given three times a day at 7am, 3pm and 11pm. Nurses checked blood pressure and temperature. I had a few disturbed nights.

A company called Steamplicity provided excellent meals ordered the same day. By the third day I was able to go walkabout for mild exercise and a change of view. My bed was by a window on the 5 th floor but it can be a bit cool if the window was open!

Some entertainment was provided when a helicopter arrived at the hospital twice and a road accident occurred within view! One of the patients was a young criminal chained to a guard! The guard and another changed shift over night. When they left a few days later and the criminal was putting his shoes on, the guard being hand cuffed to him had to bend down several times! You would not believe the attitude of some people. While one patient went off for an operation his partner and daughter continued to play Monopoly till gone 10 one night in the ward!

Amazingly a consultant came to see me several times, even twice on Sunday. Don't knock the NHS. At least it worked for me this time. I am back home after 5 nights inside!