Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hospital treatment

I got a tummy ache that was persistent. Went to the medical centre and saw a doctor, just walked in and saw him. He examined me and sent me direct to hospital with a letter. It was that quick. A bed was being made available so don't knock the NHS,  I was lucky it worked for me.

Quite by chance it was the same ward I had been in before Christmas. It did not take long to be examined, get a CT scan and start treatment. The problem was already healing and I was put on an antibiotic drip to clear up any infection.

During the following days a routine formed. Medication was given three times a day at 7am, 3pm and 11pm. Nurses checked blood pressure and temperature. I had a few disturbed nights.

A company called Steamplicity provided excellent meals ordered the same day. By the third day I was able to go walkabout for mild exercise and a change of view. My bed was by a window on the 5 th floor but it can be a bit cool if the window was open!

Some entertainment was provided when a helicopter arrived at the hospital twice and a road accident occurred within view! One of the patients was a young criminal chained to a guard! The guard and another changed shift over night. When they left a few days later and the criminal was putting his shoes on, the guard being hand cuffed to him had to bend down several times! You would not believe the attitude of some people. While one patient went off for an operation his partner and daughter continued to play Monopoly till gone 10 one night in the ward!

Amazingly a consultant came to see me several times, even twice on Sunday. Don't knock the NHS. At least it worked for me this time. I am back home after 5 nights inside!

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KevinTOO said...

Sorry to hear you've been in the need of the NHS services :(
However, it's nice to know that you've been looked after so
well and that you've been discharged quickly too, excellent!!
Hoping your recover goes smoothly and that you're out and about soon :)