Sunday, June 07, 2015

June visit

We were all packed and away by nine on Saturday for two hours on the road to Cropredy.   A couple of trollies full of our transfer kit was then delivered to Moore 2 Life.  Water, gas and electric all turned on to bring our sleeping boat to life.  The batteries were fully charged from the sola panels.

It was just as well that we were ready to go because Sue n Vic on No Problem were arriving at Cropredy.  No time to top up with water before we moved out of the marina.  There was NP but no sign of her owners or their dogs.  At the pub soaking up a pint I suspect.  We settled for a sandwich snack for lunch before those two large black dogs arrived with S n V following.  Into NP for tea n chat.
Next morning was cool as we woke to bird song and church bells.  On with the radiators to kill the chill.
How good it is to soak up the morning on a walk to the Bridge Store.

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KevinTOO said...

It looks like the sun doesn't shine until you get out on the boat Chas... more time afloat for you I think if we're to have a summer :)