Friday, June 26, 2015

Is it a krazy world?

Have you tried to get the itv player on your 'smart' tv?  My browser on the tv needs Flash Player to use the itv player but cannot down load it!  The BBC iPlayer works fine.  I have both itv and BBC player apps on the iPad and they work fine using WiFi.  Those WiFi TV dongles don't have itv player either.

Now we cannot afford to upgrade the rail network!  What price the alternative?  There were many protests about HS2 but now it may not happen.   New rolling stock is arriving but cannot be used.  The rail network needs the upgrade to electric.  Get rid of those dirty diesel engines.  But then we need more power stations!

I needed to make a phone call in order to register my Master Card with a supplier.  They won't answer the phone but "Your call is important to us".  Cannot do it on line.  Perhaps they could ring me and I will play music in their ear for a few minutes more!

Some foreign manufacturers are having a laugh at our expense!  They do not make things to the so called CE mark specifications.  Is it our fault for buying cheap and nasty products?

The population in the UK has grown to 65 million.   I wonder if that includes people living in boats!  Where are they going to live if we do not build more houses and towns?  Do we have enough space, power and water?

A fool and his money are soon parted.  There are rouges who will take it and give nothing back.  Don't part with your money on just a promise!

That's it folks, rant over!  Now I sit in the garden sipping tea and try to forget that Krazy World!


KevinTOO said...

Well 'ranted' Chas, certainly made me smile :)

BTW, with my smug hat on, I didn't vote for this lot!! ;)

Chas and Ann said...

Kevin, I guess that if you do not have a computer you do not get itv player! It takes a long time to plan the country's infrastructure and parties come and go. We can only trust that the 'government' have the best interests for the UK, if only they could make a firm decision and stick with it!