Saturday, June 13, 2015

Visit to Crick

We used our wheels this time and TomTom to navigate us across the midlands to Crick. At one time we were told to go down a dead end road!  We saw sense and turned north.  Eventually Tommy got the message and found another way.
Our friends have a boat called Mimulus near the marina.  Dave and Lyn have a pleasant garden plot next to their boat.  We all went to the Red Lion for lunch and enjoyed a catchup chat.  In the past Dave did a lot of work refitting our boat but now is retired and concentrates on his own boat.

On our return to Moore 2 Life the heavens opened forcing us to slow down as the rain was so heavy.  Once again we have enjoyed a short spell on the boat and managed to meet our boating friends.  Now it is time to get home to meet up with family.

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