Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the move

Ann went off to see the grandchildren so that I could look after Molly and myself. When she came back we went shopping to restock and next day set off on our travels to head for Middlewich.

Nantwich Canal Center now has a mooring on the main line so you do not need to go down the arm for diesel or gas. They sell 'Non Bio' diesel and you can self declare what you intend to use for moving. "Must have been quite low because 150 litres went in without overflowing!" I put in some Marine 16 to keep the bug away. They told me I could use Fuel Set as well so resolved to alternate between the two.

The Canal Center has a very good chandlery and when I told them about my diesel bug problems they showed me 'The Fuel Purifier'. It stops water and the bug getting through and is more substantial than the standard water trap. See for more info.

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