Saturday, February 17, 2007

A new dinette

We have moved into the marina to have a dinette built. Spent many hours thinking about the design and making drawings. The design had to consider how to make the dinette with table be converted to a double bed and incorporate a book case! It had to be able to store many items out of sight.

My first job was to remove the existing table and bench seat that I built two years ago. It's conversion to a bed was never very successful. Hopefully the new design will be easier. But there is nothing quite like seeing the reality as the building progressed.


Changes are being made and our normal routine has been disrupted. We miss our friends who are almost out of reach on the other side of the canal. They have started to operate a ferry service as and when required. We also miss the freedom of just walking along the towpath and watching the wild birds eating from our feeders hung on the hedge row. On the plus side we do have access to mains electricity so do not have to run the engine. Our boat is surrounded by other boats so the view from the windows is just another boat!

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