Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seven days or so

We came in to Braunston from Calcutt after a walk round the reservoir. Mo n Van passed through and stopped for drinks and a chat about our summer adventures. With the Foxton locks closed due to lack of water they are obliged to travel the long way round to get to Leicester.
The lock keeper at the bottom lock in Braunston is controlling boats going up. A single boat has to wait up to an hour in the hope that another boat arrives. The lock keeper told us that BW is concentrating on maximising water supplies to the canal system. While many reservoirs are nearly empty the feeders are now being dug out. A feeder is usually a spring and ditch which drains water from the fields into the canal.
It was a surprisingly warm sunny day in October when we walked the two miles to find George n Carol on Rock n Roll.

On our way we saw the sad sight of this sunken boat. Apparently BW have been sinking our money in old boats! Surely this one is passed its use by date.
It was good to see our friends again and talk about our adventures south of Braunston.
It got cooler as we made our way to Wharf House for our engine service and new fridge. The fire is now being lit mornings and evenings but won't be long before it stays on for the winter months. The engine now has fresh 'red' long life antifreeze put in and the fuel system serviced, thankfully all quite clean with little sign of black bits.
Our washing machine got moved sideways to make room for the new taller fridge. The plumbing for the machine proved less of a problem to alter as first thought. Next day after drilling holes in the floor the fridge was put in and switched on. It required a hard pull to get the door open to find that the light was on! It was not long before the contents were transferred to the new quiet fridge.

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Maffi said...

The sad thing is these hulks generally survive better under water. I am sure this boat is further out than it was last October when I came through. There used to be a big flat breasted up to it for safety.

PS I dont seem to be on your blog roll, an oversight I assume. :(