Friday, November 25, 2011

Another change

Publishing this blog, updating our website, emails, music, maps……… All this is achieved using a computer machine and a mobile Internet connection. Things we do and use every day. A miracle of maths and science that we almost take for granted these days.
We have been travelling with George & Carol on Rock n Roll. When invited on board for tea n biscuits it is like being transported into the future of communication and information technology. All these wonders are available now in this 21st century. It seems that even two years is a long time holding on to technical equipment.
It was many years ago that we met up with Sue n Vic on a boat called No Problem. We were encouraged to get on to the Internet but it proved to be a struggle at that time. Determination and persistence was required. Mobile Internet was new and slow.
Our new MIFI dongle is so much better. And so is changing from a Personal Computer to a Multi Access Computer! It is taking some time to get used to the new ‘Lion’ operating system, which is why the blog is late. I-tunes is the one familiar application that plays all our music. I-photo is new to us and has yet to be mastered so apologies for the lack of pictures. The transfer of all our folders and files from the external hard drive was easy. Switching on the MIFI and the MAC simply got us on line and we were reading all our friends blogs, including Sue’s one from an ocean liner. Now ‘aint that amazing.


LES said...

Is this new technolodgy the reason your blog page shows no links and now just 2 posts?
Anyway Chas you both have a warm winter and we shall meet again in 2012

Chas and Ann said...

It seems that it depends on where you get the blog from. Direct from blogger is ok. Using smart phones or Reader displays less than the full page.
Enjoy Christmas, Chas n Ann

Kevin said...

Hi Chas & Ann,
Sorry, but I have the same view as Les, two posts, no links, no trimmings, no pictures, no logos... just a light grey background. I pick my feed up from blogger via the web onto my laptop.
I think you might have a gremlin... sorry :(