Monday, November 28, 2011


We watched the F1 racing on Sunday, a lively broadcast from Brazil. A wonder of communication taken for granted these days. Beamed up to and down from satellites in space. Who said that was a waste of money? Vetel of course was the champion this year. The cars have travelled far and wide at high speed all year and some have fallen by the wayside. Wheels have come off, tyres have punctured, gearboxes have failed, but it has all happened with a high degree of safety.
Next year a new set of cars will be produced to continue the excitement. The spectacle will be watched half live on the BBC. Sky TV muscled in to show the other half live for a price. But then that will not be the only sport to watch. It will be Olympic year for us to show the world. The Olympic torch will be carried around Britain and will pass by that Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Dudley and Foxton which all feature the waterways.
Mean while back to the present, we wait the arrival of Seyella with Geof, Margaret and Meg on board. Last year at this time in November we were all stuck in the ice. We have been up and down the lock to get water, dispose of the unwanted and load up with a delivery from Tesco.

Here is our picture of those leaves. (Getting familiar with the new technology).
I am sorry for those who seem to be having problems getting this blog.

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