Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All changed

We missed the bus because it passed through Great Haywood at 10 minutes to the hour not 5 past as before. We got the 10 to 11. When returning from Stafford do not miss the 20 past 2 because the next is at 4 pm! We had to rush about the shops to get things done.
The farm shop has a smart new building and is expanding with a good selection of vegetables, homemade produce and a butcher. The marina has a new owner and is full up so no room there if we needed it. Last year we had booked in for Christmas but could not get there due to the ice.
The other major change on the horizon is of course BW to CRT. The Canal and River Trust will take over in April next year. It will affect us all who have boats on the waterways. Perhaps now is the time to make suggestions through NABO, RBOA, and other boating organisations like all those canal societies. Hopefully we will be able to communicate more directly with people who know a bit about the waterway system. After all if we are to pay a bit more for our wonderful life on the waterways we should at least have some effective input.

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