Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cannock Chase

We stopped a while at Rugeley. The town seems to have recovered from the shock of loosing Woolworths. While some shops closed down many more have opened. We found the bus station and were lucky to jump on one that was about to leave! It took us on a pleasant journey through Cannock Chase to Stafford. We got off at the train station and got our pre booked tickets to get down south after Christmas.
Our access to the web has been through a ‘Web n Walk’ dongle connected using a USB lead and has served us well. But now the new Multi Access Computer does not like it. George on Rock n Roll suggested getting a MIFI device which works much faster.

Passing through Cannock Chase
Now we have moved on to Great Haywood. Got some diesel, water, disposed of the rubbish and cassette contents. Then moved back to an available space for the weekend.


Linda said...

Hello Chas and Ann

Can you give details of the Mifi devices - am in marina following full repaint and wonder if this will help my poor reception from Orange dongle - also marina wifi reception is useless - apparently to0 many boats in the way.

Best Wishes, Linda nb Kanbedun Again

Chas and Ann said...

Hi Linda,
The device is an Huawei E586 MiFi. It just sits on the table below the window. It connects to the web through 3 and radiates WiFi in the boat. The computer then connects using the WiFi. T Mobile have a similar device.
Regards Chas