Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is a test posting

Well this is an interesting problem. I can now agree with all you PC Window users! I now have a MAC which I am sure you have guessed by now. My last few posting appeared to me to be OK at my end when checking the blog on the MAC.

But you guys out there on PC's started complaining and I thank you for doing so. I forced myself to partition the MAC so I can boot up in Windows. Mainly to keep Memory Map which does not work in the MAC. Unfortunately the Mio Pocket PC does not communicate when connected!

Back to this story that I am writing while in Windows. Now the acid test is if you and I can see the full glory of the blog page after I publish it what goes wrong when I publish in the MAC?

Comments please.


Chas and Ann said...

Well that came back faulty in Windows!

Chas and Ann said...

I am back in MAC and the blog is OK!

Help me please

Kevin said...

Hi Chas & Ann,
I know nothing of the MAC, sorry, but I can tell you that I can see your current and one previous posting OK, but that's it :(
Personally I'm happy to keep reading, you are always entertaining, and I won't worry about the missing bells and whistles... I'm sure you'll find them again one day :)

Bruce in Sanity said...


Do you want to email me about this? (Link in the right hand col of my blog).

I've been posting from a Mac since day one without probs, but to help I need to know what application you're using and so on. I can't see anything of your post called Sport, so it's not about the readers machine.



Tom and Jan said...

I can see all your posts to 28 Oct and am using Windows 7.

Carol on nb Rock 'n' Roll asked me to also look and leave a comment on her blog. However my attempt to leave a comment on her blog was unsuccessful and I can only see her latest post.


nb Waiouru