Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another boater arrives

George on Rock n Roll phoned to say that Seyella was on the way up from Penkridge. So George, Carol and I with the two Mollies walked down the canal to help. We had gone over a mile before we saw the boat below Otherton lock. Margaret was the skipper and Geof was busy with the paddles. But then Geof took on the skipper roll to bring the boat into the lock. The rest of us performed the locking process. Once the boat got to the top I grabbed a lift for the mile to the next lock. Then helped a bit with the locking. Luckily the warm sunshine made for a pleasant trip.


Bruce in Sanity said...

This post, and your RH side bar, is all present and correct here.

Kevin said...

Hi Carol, Chas & Ann,
If you go to you will see what I am seeing. I see the same on my laptop & work PC, both running Win XP SP3 and IE8.
Hope this helps.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Now this is getting weirder! Individual posts look fine in whatever browser I use (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) but only Chrome shows the main blog with all its sidebar stuff. I've tried emptying the cache in Safari, but it didn't make any difference.

I wonder, is your template corrupted in some way? Might be worth changing it to another and seeing what effect that has.

You've got young Geoff there now, as well, put him to work!



Kevin said...

Hi Chas, Ann & Carol,
Yep Bruce is right (well he would be.. LOL) I too see the whole picture when viewing individual posts.