Friday, December 02, 2011

A single hander

No, not some one with one hand, but a skipper of a boat with no crew on board! It is I because Ann has gone home for a week to do Christmas shopping with our grand children. “Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” Shakespeare? Ann plans to return on Monday.
A convoy of boats have gathered at Gailey and already the occupants have got together for two evenings in a row! No picture taken but it was good company during these cold winter months. Plans for the next move were made and even arrangements for visitors when we get to the destination.
Geoff suggested getting some hot soup ready for the trip and offered his Thermos flask because I could not find ours. I made the soup and buttered some rolls. It was one of the coldest days even though it was sunny and I was well wrapped up for the four-hour journey. Only two locks to deal with, the one at Gailey and one at Autherley junction. Both George and Geoff were there with the ‘windies’ in their hands to lock the three boats through some time after 10.
Although I had Rock n Roll in front and Seyella behind I still felt lonely on Moore 2 Life without Ann travelling with me on board. I managed to get the soup and rolls down my neck during the trip. Molly was let off at one point but promptly got back on without taking advantage of the grass!
This is a 'library' picture from January just to show the convoy.
Having turned on to the ‘Shroppie’ I was the first to arrive at the moorings past bridge 7 and got the fire going. Then we all gathered on board Seyella for a welcome warm drink of tea and a mince pie to eat! Is this the start of the Christmas season? I see that Derwent6 have already started.

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