Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The shortest day

That’ll be Thursday the 22 nd with a long night either side! As Christmas fast approaches we can look forward to those longer days to soak up the vitamin D when the sun shines. The longest day was back in June.
A thought for the day:- Why does the new year start 9 days later? The shortest day should be the last day of the year in mid winter. Then the longestday would be in mid summer. “Anyone care to suggest the change?” I think it was Julius Caesar in Roman times that set December as the 10 th and last month.
Then along came Pope Gregory to add a few more months. If I had my way Christmas day would then be on January 3 rd . The Chasiann calendar perhaps? With those changes since Christ was born who really knows when his birthday was?
The convoy has reached Market Drayton. It was one of those dull cool grey days to endure the 4 hour trip. The thought of hot soup on board Seyella kept us all going! It was midday when we arrived at the top of the Tyrley locks where we all topped up with water. “Yes, the water supply has been restored here.”
Our journey down the locks was assistedby a good Samaritan with a windlass of his own but no boat! A willing gentleman who enjoys helping boaters through the locks, winter or summer. It was quite late when we all gathered on Seyella to enjoy that hot soup and rolls. Our thanks to Margaret for making the soup for us all.
And now for something completely different. Have you noticed that when charging batteries the voltage has increased to 14.7V. Do not worry. It is because the batteries are cold. I find that they do not deliver so much power in terms of Amp Hours either. Charging twice a day now helps to keep them happy.
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Anonymous said...

The length of the day is dictated by the earth's rotation on its axis. The length of the year is determind by the earth's rotation around the sun. The amount of daylight varies because the axis is tilted relative to the sun - the amount of variation varies according to latitude: at the equator all days have 12 hours daylight.

Chas and Ann said...

Well it is an Astrological point in time as the World goes round the Sun. I just wondered why the year did not start after the shortest day.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it's only the Christian year that begins on Jan 1st. Chinese, Jewish and Islamic years begin at different times- but none of them on the Shortest day.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Anne,
The pagan new year begins on November 1st--After Samhain (or Halloween as it is called by Chrsitians.) The Wheel of the Year rolls onward and we are blessed to know even as we are looking into winter's teet, that the days begin to grow longer! May 2012 bring you and Chas peace, prosperity, good health and great joy.
Jaq & Les
NB Valerie