Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas and birthdays

With our three boat convoy stationary over the Christmas period we have arranged gatherings in each. Rock n Roll on Christmas Eve, Moore 2 Life on Christmas day and Seyella on Boxing day. Carol n George made a wonderful dish with chilly and thoughtfully a separate dish without for Margaret and Chas. After that a chocolate cake with cream. Then Geoff and his quiz entertained us all.
On the day we had Venison with a red wine sauce. The cooking instructions found on the Internet! Our local friends John and Sue had taken us to the butcher a few days earlier. The rich meal almost defeated us that included the usual roast potatoes and parsnips, with Brussels sprouts and carrots. Ann’s famous pudding with a sprig of holly to follow. Hot flaming brandy was poured over it and served with home made brandy butter. Perfec. Classic FM provided the carols in the background.
The gang came round for the evening. Our ‘Towers of Hanoy’ puzzle invented by a French man captivated Geoff. Readings from my father’s ‘Stuff book’ kept us all entertained with his jokes and stories. We made a punch with red wine and herbs and fruit that went down well with various cookies, puddings and mince pies. Geoff and Margaret had us all on board Seyella for Boxing Day evening. This time Geoff had created a quiz on his computer based on ‘Catch Phrase’. Once again we all contributed food n drink so there was still plenty to go round. Margaret made a turkey pie.
Between Christmas and the new year I face up to a bit of a mile stone in life with a naught and a seven to indicate my age. “Mum cannot believe it.” “More behind than in front as some would say.”
Ann and I have been boating since the mid 90’s and have enjoyed every minute of it discovering and exploring the waterways. It has all been recorded in our book ‘Life with a Narrowboat’ published on the Internet in our web site ‘’. This year, 2011 will be the 16 th chapter! “Should I get it printed and stop?” We left the boat in the care of Geoff to head south and celebrate my birthday and the New Year. Our grand son Ben will soon be 7 and I 70.


Bella said...

It sounds as if you had a good time. I wish you all the best for a happy 2012.

BigJohn said...

Would appreciate any comments here, Chas about the Audlem moorings for NABO's response to BW's consultation.
Thanks and Happy and Healthy New Year to you both/all from Epiphany